Taking the red pill

The red pill and blue pill represent a choice between the willingness to learn a potentially unsettling or life-changing truth by taking the red pill or remaining in the contented experience of ordinary reality with the blue pill. The terms originate from the 1999 film The Matrix.
– From the Wikipedia article on ‘Red pill and blue pill’

Modern education, technology and media build very powerful narratives. Narratives like:
– Education makes us rational, thinking human beings.
– The uneducated are primitive, confused and miserable.
– India is a superstitious, dirty, over-populated hell-hole.
– We have no choice but to go for ‘development’.
– The economy can keep growing forever.
– Science and technology can solve all human problems.

As the news coming out now shows, the hysteria that was whipped up to sell questionable pharmaceutical products to the entire world, was seriously misguided. Just today, I heard Scott Adams, the inventor of the Dilbert cartoon, say something like – the people who chose to remain unvaccinated took the right decision, my analysis was wrong and their distrust of the pushed narrative was right.

It is difficult to ignore or not be swayed by the narratives. They are pushed very hard and the voices that are speaking against them are ridiculed and silenced. In this scenario it is good to have some go-to resources that can help give us some new perspectives, correct the balance. Here is a random collection that you may find useful…




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Namaskar Arun ji,

This is very important for our peace and happiness. Awareness of Truth to attain freedom from the colonial policies that brainwash and enslave us.

After learning about the Covid scam from Dr biswaroop roy, I chose to remain unvaccinated. I was diagnosed with corona virus through that rtpcr test. But, I followed the 3 day D. I. P natural food diet of Dr biswaroop roy and healed after 3 days. Also, pranayama and jal neti helped in healing.

I will explore these 3 news resources mentioned in this blog to help myself and family members by sharing this blog.

I would like to suggest 2 news resources with similar intent :

1. Empire diaries :
This reference of ’empire’ in the name of this news resource is taken from empires of colonial rulers in the past.


2. RDTV news on you-tube

RDTV is Named after the name of Rajiv dixit bhai, this news resource exposes the colonial policies of present day.

Thank you so much for sharing this

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