The Crisis of Global Liberalism

Excerpts from an interview of Alexander Dugin, Russian philosopher and author of over 70 books:

Question: If Liberalism won against its only competitors – Communism and Fascism, where does the crisis of global Liberalism come from?

– Till Communism and Fascism (openly totalitarian ideologies and products of the same Western political science that created Liberalism) existed, Liberalism had a seductive vision as the upholder of freedom, giver of the good life etc. When Liberalism won, its inner totalitarian, anti-human, nihilistic, satanic nature was revealed. It has now become a dictatorship pushing all of humanity towards Liberalism.
– Liberalism started with humanistic individualism but is now approaching anti-human, trans-human individualism – destroying history, the family, all kinds of identities and traditional institutions.
– There is nothing surprising or unexpected in all this. The crisis is the natural ending of Liberalism towards which it was always heading.

Question: Is Russia leading the global revolt against Liberalism?

– The rules-based order of the West is not something we agreed on. It is imposed on the rest of the world. With the Special Military Operation in Ukraine we started inner work to liberate ourselves from the hypnosis of the West and return to our civilizational roots.
– In a multi-polar world one pole does not define the rules. Each civilization defines its own understanding and its own rules. A civilization is a larger space than a country. So, Eurasia not Russia, Islamic world not a particular country, China+Taiwan, India+neighbouring countries, Africa as a whole, a pan-Latin-American alliance etc. Each area with its own civilizational identity becomes a pole.

Question: What is Russia’s ideology? What is it fighting for?

– Russia has its own understanding of a human being. And that is not individual but collective. We are part of the Russian Orthodox Church which is more contemplative than active. We are agrarian and we have an agrarian psychology linked to earth and nature. We have a different understanding of life, death, time, God etc. We are different. Not better or worse. Just different.
– We look modern and Western but our ‘inner man’ is totally different from the Western ‘inner man’.
– In our civilization individualism is laughed at, mocked as some kind of perversion.

Question: Is it inevitable for Western civilization and Russian civilization to be enemies?

– Western culture identifies itself as Universal. If it can agree to its regional, provincial nature we could immediately have the basis for mutual understanding, respect and peaceful coexistence.
– The problem is not with us but in the West. Throughout their history they could not accept the existence of the ‘other’.
– If we do not accept gay marriage or LGBTQ rights we are sub-human, barbarian. This racism is what is characteristic in all historical stages of Western civilization. West is racist.
– China, the Islamic world, Africa, India etc. the majority of the world, will also have to fight Western racism, hegemony and pretension of universalism.

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